On February 8th, we become aware that unscrupulous companies from mostly China, but also Canada, were selling replacement or counterfeit products using our EclipseGuard branding and designs. This appeared initially on Amazon.ca but eventually spread onto Amazon.com. We pleaded with Amazon to take action over several weeks, which they eventually did, but their contacts with us eventually stopped replying to our requests. Our requests to take down counterfeiters were regularly rejected, and at one point, we were banned from making future complaints. A timeline of events will be appearing on this page.

We wish to inform the public how to detect authentic EclipseGuard solar eclipse glasses from counterfeit ones.

If you have counterfeits in your hands, we encourage you to discard them as we cannot attest to their safety. If authentic EclipseGuards are no longer available on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca, look for other reputable products and suppliers with many reviews to ensure you are receiving a safe product.